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The lace up shoes

Oh my god, could these shoes be more perfect or what? Lace up is always such a nice little detail added to your ready gorgeous shoes and definitely something every girl must own this season. Ive been eyeing a few pairs for the past weeks and will most likely very soon get a pair, or two. And I need to be honest, I just got myself 6 pairs of shoes for 115 bucks at Missguideds SALE, It is AMAZING find it right here. (You also get additional % off your purchase, details on the website)

Classic Blacks

Oh my, I could probably get all of these, and more of the black ones. Always stylish, and it is always appropriate to wear black. If I could dream I would get a pair from Schutz, but that will have to wait for now! I found all of the shoes in this post, pretty affordable, at Missguided US. I have a pair of black lace ups from GUESS that I found on clearance at ROSS, god damn I was so happy about these perfect little black shoes. And I wear them all the time when I’m out and about because they’re also super comfortable ans stabil.


1 / 2 / 3

The Nude

Honestly, I have so few nude shoes in my closet, and it is embarrassing. I always go for the blacks even if I have so many black ones. I feel that a nude one would definitely be my next purchase. I do realize that all down aren’t exactly “lace ups” but they might as well be and they are gorgeous!

f1600377_lisa-marie_10.06.15_hm_437863 copy

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The high Lace and The Flats

Now the high lace ups, I absolutely adore, but I could never wear them myself. The curse of having big calves, am I right?! Maybe the right style would work, but high boots has never been a big hit for me either. Now the flats, those I love. I recently saw a pair with leopard pattern, they won’t be released until fall season though but I will definitely get those. f1600531_joanna_20.07.15_hm_488726 copy1/ 2 / 3

Ive added a few more of my favorite lace up shoes down below, you can just scroll trough them and klick on the items to get directly to them. Right now there is a 24 hour sale going on and you’ll get 24% off your purchase! What are your thoughts on lace up shoes? Do you own a pair and from where? Id love to get some more tips of gorgeous lace ups and where to get them!

SheIn -Your Online Fashion Lace Dress

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NARS Blush – Super Orgasm

I’ve needed a new blush forever and I finally got around to get myself a new one. These blushes from NARS are great! They are easy to blend, easy to build up a nice color with and super easy to use. Once applied the blush looks just gorgeous and it also gives a light shimmer that makes your skin glow. Im using the color Super Orgasm ( yes, the names are quite special, like Orgasm, Deep Throat and Sex Appeal) and the blush is priced a $30 at Sephora.

IMG_0834 copy

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The Look



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The cute floral set

Hey babes, school has really been hard on me and Im in my last week of summer sessions. So stoked to finally be done and get some time off! A lot has been going on, and I feel that its just simply easier to update Instagram instead of the blog att this time. My har is completely gray now after a final bleaching session and Im so happy about it. (All the yellow tones are out)

I’ve had a lot of other stuff going on as well, went to a event at RVCA last week as they just launched their Denim line, and I even got a pair with me home! Tomorrow there is an event with Real Techniques in favor for their new collection and I’m even going to meed the owners, and minds behind the brushes, so excited. I really think its gonna be a great event!

Im wearing a super cute little set that I got from Walktrendy. I know that there are a lot of people that have this set, I’ve seen it all over Instagram. But it is so darn cute I just had to get it! The set is only 16 bucks over at their website! IMG_0699 IMG_0697

IMG_0776 copy
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Bed Bath & Beyond Shopping Spree

I was sent to Bed Bath & Beyond Los angeles (on olympic) for a fun little shopping spree experience and to get some back to school items for myself! I think that Bed Bat & Beyond is the perfect store to buy any beauty, home or personal items for yourself as they have almost anything you might need in their stores! The Los Angeles store is HUGE, it even has two floors which makes it even bigger. There is also a World Market located in there which, if you didn’t know, has food from all over the world (yummy).

I went there especially for the Harmon Face Values store (beauty supplies) that is located inside of the Bed Bath & Beyond store, and oh my god. Not only did they have gigantic aisles, there were about 8-10 of them in the beauty category and there were so much stuff there!! Anything from just shampoo and conditioner to straightening irons, makeup supplies and teeth whitening items. This is just one of the very stuffed aisles that were on the lower floor of the store.


The products on the aisles are mixed for both women and men, it is like the ultimate beauty and health store for the whole family or all your friends. I have been here a few times before shopping for beauty products, but at those times I didn’t think about how much bigger this store actually is, compared to some other Bed Bat & Beyond stores which don’t have the Harmon stores. I was also very pleased, and surprised to find items that I didn’t expect to see there and I got some very fun and useful items with me home that I really needed!

Crest and Covergirl isles at the Harmon Face Value store, just packed with items!

IMG_0771 copyI always enjoy going to Bed Bath & Beyond, they also give great discounts if you subscribe to their newsletter as well, which I guess have been a factor to why I choose to go there over other stores. I went on a Monday, surprisingly there were a lot of people in the store when I wouldn’t have expected that. But the store wasn’t packed so it didn’t really bother me too much, the aisles were also  constantly being refilled with inventory which is great. I don’t want to go there to find that my favorite items aren’t stocked.

I was sent a little back to school survival kit, which I will also give away + a $50 gift card to one of my followers on Instagram, the contest will start on the 27th so be sure to follow me! (You can find my Instagram here) I think I received a great kit with everything I could possibly need. What i received was; Full Lash Bloom CoverGirl Mascara, CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick – Ravishing Rose, Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection mouthwash,  Crest Pro-Health Whitening Toothpaste, Oral-B Sensi Soft toothbrush, Herbal Essences color me happy shampoo and conditionerSecret Deodorant, Shower loofa and a Mesh shower tote. Isn’t this a great kit for anyone, back to school or not?


Now lets see what fun things I bought wile I visited the store. I received a $150 gift card to spend at the Bed Bath & Beyond store for any back to school items. Now nothing says time to prepare myself for a new year like som new items, and some time to reorganize what I already have as well! Thats why I bought some Real Techniques brushes (which I had no idea were sold there) and a makeup box for organizing all my old, and new makeup! I also decided to get some light makeup from Covergirl, a very light foundation and a mineral bronzer was my picks as well as a new eyeliner. As for the rest of my body I got some necessities, shaving cream from Venus, dry shampoo and a volumizing mousse from Herbal Essence, another deodorant from Secret, can never have enough of those and this one smelled so good. And lastly some floss picks from OralB.

IMG_0792 IMG_0794 copy

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond, P&G, and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.

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I feel that whether it’s for a hot summer day with friends or for the night out, a jumpsuit is always a good choice! You can mix and match it as you want, put any jacket over, have lace up shoes or cute ballerinas, a small or a large bag, hats and sunglasses. You only need one piece of clothing and some accessories, and you’re done. Jumpsuits are everything, and I have always loved them. (Except from when you really need to go to the bathroom and you’re wearing a jumpsuit that requires some kind of zipper or be tied.)015444-0245_1

1. Lina Lace Playsuit / 2. Flute SLV Playsuit / 3. Off Shoulder Playsuit

Its so hard to choose any favorite, because they can be so different, but then agin so similar! You can have a classy one, but yet cute with some lace details, or you can have a everyday kinda one, something with fun prints or something thats more playful. I have jumpsuits to thank because without them, I wouldn’t have any colorful clothes in my closet. The jumpsuits I have are definitely the most colorful or the pieces with most prints that I have.

I don’t own any of the jumpsuits in this post, but I wish I had them all! To get to where the items are sold simply click the links below the images.

1435563454345471393 copy1. Halter Flower Print Romper / 2. Pineapple Print Jumpsuit / 3. Floral Hem Romper

ss40714185145-og1 copy1. Split Sleeve Playsuit / 2. Mono Print Playsuit / 3. Scalloped Lace Playsuit

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Beauty Review – Saison Beauty Spring

A while ago I received the full line of the Saison Beauty Spring series. I have been very excited about trying out these products as they are all Natural and Organic, specially formulated for the different seasons. The “Spring” products that I received are preferably used for people with normal skin. All the products in the spring series has a very light floral smell but I would say that the aroma from the essential oils is what you can smell the most after application.

Spring Moisturizer – The applicator is a small pump which helps you control the amount of moisturizer desired. I didn’t have to use a lot in order to cover my whole face and the moisturizer feels very light and refreshing. The smell after this products is definitely not my favorite, even though I realize its all natural and organic ingredients I wish that the moisturizer could have a bit more of the floral smell.

Spring Botanical Lotion Spray – The spray applicator makes the product easy to use over your whole body as it covers a large are with only one spray. One spray is enough for any area and after gently massaging the lotion into the skin I could clearly feel the difference. About 6-7 sprays were enough to cover a whole leg and I really liked how easy this is to use. Perfect for traveling or when you’re on the go!

 Spring Cleansing Oil – A super light oil that cleanses off any makeup easy and fast. The oil leaves the skin soft and balanced, it doesn’t feel oily nor dry. I liked how little of the product that was needed in order to clean my whole face. Just like the other products I’m not the biggest fan of the smell.

Spring Cleansing Grains – The grains comes in loose form, so before starting with using the product i suggest that you have a small bowl to mix the grains in. Take a small scoop of the loose formula and mix with a few drops of water until you get a loose paste. This is probably my favorite products of all of these as the grains gently exfoliates your skin. You don’t have to leave it on for any period of time and you skin gets really smooth and soft afterwards.

IMG_0657I received these products for free for a review, all opinions are my own.

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It used to be fun

Have you guys ever felt that you hit a bump in the road with your blog? Lately I’ve just been feeling that because of everything going on in my personal life, the blog has become more of a burden and a job then something that I think is fun. I used to update every day, sometimes several times a day but here in the US people think its a struggle to even update weekly.

I never wanted it to feel like this, but there is so much going on with my personal life right now that when I even have a day off I end upp doing nothing because there is too much that I feel forced to do. I already have several posts lined up, but I need to find my sparkle again. Its starting to come but its not 100% quite there yet.

IMG_0712 IMG_0718

Dress from sheinside

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Piña Colada

Hey guys, how is your summer going so far? I have been crazy busy with everything at home and school, I’m done in about three weeks with summer sessions and then ill have about 3 weeks summer vacation before fall semester starts again. I have a rally har philosophy class and Im spending a lot more time studying then I’m used too, but its really paying off!

IMG_0672 copy

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