Unfortunately the gloomy days of LA has started way earlier then we are used to. And even though I wished I had been at the beach in this outfit it is definitely way too cold right now without the sun shining to be there. But, that doesn’t mean that we cant slay a bikini outfit anyways. Together with TopShop I am styling this edgy sporty beach look by highlighting all the details and accessories that makes summer looks fun. This is more of a quirky fun summer look and definitely not something I would go with as an everyday look. But if you want to be ready for the beach and the sun this is a perfect look for hanging around the beach walk or pool area if you’re not actually soaking the sun.

IMG_3597 IMG_3595

First of all I picked up the perfect shades. They are fun and will make any outfit pop out by themselves, or they can be paired with a ton of different fun things just like in this look and still look marvelous. I did pick out a very colorful aztecs patterned bikini top and bottom but choose to wear a net crop top over it to neutralize the look and make it more sporty. Throw over a jean jacket if its windy and pair it with some jeans shorts and you’re good to go. IMG_3592copyIMG_3606copy

Finishing off I chose a long silver double necklace which went well with the white neutral top. And some fun colorful beaded bracelets to add to the pop of colors. There are no rules when it comes to accessorizing and mixing makes it even more fun. I have silver and gold, a ton of colors and patterns and even different textures and it works out quite well together. IMG_3619 IMG_3612

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Topshop and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.

Sorry for the lack of content but I have been SUPER busy working these past days as I am picking up so much extra work. I have a ton of fun things going on and unfortunately in between the blog suffers a little bit. BUT these things happen and I hope you still enjoy reading and commenting. Much love and you will some awesome posts coming up <3

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I think that we all have those mornings where everything seems to go wrong because we skip an important routine: coffee. Thermos sent me an overnight coffee delivery which was LIFE. One less thing to think about that morning and I had plenty of coffee to sip on throughout the day since Thermos kept it warm.


Confession: I don’t really need coffee but I drink it everyday anyways for some reason. It may be the fact that I am from Sweden, one of the country that drink coffee like its water. Even if I don’t intend to, I always end up with a cup of coffee in my hands every morning. Wether its some cold brew I have in my fridge, or coffee from the coffee place next to work. Its not necessarily something I must have to function, it has just become a part of my daily routine and no matter what I do or don’t do I do have a cup of coffee every morning.

I have to admit though that I have made the occasional mistakes, like putting on a t-shirt inside out, or forgetting my keys, but this doesn’t stop me from being fabulous every day. Coffee may, or may not be the reason for these things but just to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again I stick to my coffee routine. IMG_3537

What is your Coffee Confession? Tweet your Coffee Confession to Thermos using #CoffeeConfessions and @thermos for a chance to win an overnight Coffee delivery so you have one less thing to think about in the morning.

Today is National Thermos Brand Day and I have partnered with no one else but Genuine Thermos® for this post! A strange package appeared by my door at 9.am Saturday morning, what was it? Well, it was of course an overnight coffee shipment from Thermos themselves. Inside the huge package that I got was a Thermos (the Vacuum Insulated Stainless King™ Beverage Bottle) filled with hot freshly brewed coffee and a bag of freshly roasted beans. So fresh that they were roasted the same day they shipped out!


At first I was a little sceptic because of previous experience with other thermoses. So I wondered when exactly the day before was the coffee shipped out and would it really still be warm? Well I found out soon enough, and yes the coffee was in the perfect temperature, not so hot that you had to wait to drink it but also not so cold that you couldn’t take your time to drink it. Now of course I couldn’t drink up all the coffee that I got.The Thermos holds 40oz of coffee which is way to much for me to drink in one day. So I left it sealed over night and to my surprise the coffee was still warm the following morning. Of course not hot but still warm enough to be drinkable throughout that day as well. So Thermos truly holds the 24 hour warm or cold beverage claim.

Having coffee being delivered to your door in the mornings like this is just so convenient. For me working both full-time at a job and then coming home, or spending the days that I am not at work, working on my blog and social medias every minute of time counts. And adding the conveniency of not having to make my own coffee this morning was great!

So, not only did I get some awesome coffee sent to me. But also this amazing Thermos that I will definitely use a lot in the future. This will be great for brining any liquids that I need for work or for a trip. The color for this one is Midnight Blue, but honestly it just looks like a black thermos with a glossy finish. IMG_3465 IMG_3482

Do you want to win an overnight Coffee delivery? Of course you do! Thermos is giving away 25 overnight coffee deliveries in honor of National Thermos Brand Day and you can enter the giveaway at Thermos Facebook page right hereGood luck coffee lovers! 

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