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Easy, Cheap and Healthy Lunch tips – Tuna and Egg salad on Avocado.

So if you’ve been following me on Instagram you might have noticed some changes in my life. The biggest one in particular esthete Im starting a healthier and more active lifestyle. I workout for about 5 times a week, twice with my friend and PT. Im mainly focusing on doing a 8 week transformation so it is of course taking up a lot of time with other things that I do.

Food is, what I think at least, about 80% of the whole thing. If your don’t eat right you won’t see any major changes in such a short time. Thats why Im changing everything in how I eat, sleep and what I do during my days. I have daily goals such as walking at least 10 000 steps, weekly goals and right now its skipping drinks with sugars in it and candy/chips. So instead of just cutting everything off right away I take one ting, one goal, at the time.

Now lets start with the recipe.

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pottery barn office
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Decorate your new dorm room with Pottery Barn Dorm

No matter if you’re in a dorm or just share a place with your roommates it is important to feel like you are home. Your room should be the way you like it and you should be comfortable in your own environment, always. I myself is very big on decorating and organizing my room for my needs, I have a lot of clothes and shoes, so I organize accordingly. So should you, especially if you’re in college just like me, your room is important. School can be stressful and you need to come home to something you like and functions for your needs!

I’ve been very lucky to partner up with Pottery Barn and give you my top picks to make your bedroom the best room in the whole house! The items I choose will make for a comfortable, cute and functional room for studies, sleeping and hanging out with friends. Whats good with Pottery Barn is that they have everything you may need in one place, great value for great products and so many different styles to complete your dream dorm room.

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The perfect little Crossbody bag

Oh you guys, these past days has been filled with everything from hikes to schoolwork, as summer sessions begun Monday this week, and some changes at home. I have also decided to do a summer transformation with my best friend that just happens to be a Personal Trainer, so were meeting up today to plan accordingly to my goals and what results I want out of it. A fun and challenging summer project that I hope you guys will tag along on too!

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How to get fake looking lashes without a lash extension – Physicians Formula Eye Booster Lash Extension Kit

Founded in 1973, Physicians Formula was created and designed for those with sensitive skin and the products are therefore not containing any of the 100+ skin irritants. Physicians Formula is number one in bronzers, powders, and organic/natural makeup with gentle products that inspires fun and glamour. Physicians Formula products contains no fragrance, PABA, or any of the 132 known skin irritants in ANY Physicians Formula products and is also recommended by allergists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons.

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Fashion For Breakfast with Wildfox

I attended the fashion for breakfast event this morning hosted by Wildfox. Its always such an great little event every week or so and Cicconis, the restaurant where its hosted, is so pretty! Today the co founder of Wildfox Kimberley shared some stories about herself and some advice for anyone wanting to start their own clothing brand. I was a little bit disappointed because her interview wast long and I feel that she could’ve told us so much more. Anyhow, its always good food and great people there so you can’t really complain.

I decided to try the Eggs Benedict this time, so yummy!

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Jane Kønig Love Tag Jewelry

I received a necklace* in gold plated silver from Jane Koenig the other day. Its a tag necklace and I got the anchor chain one with three tags, prefect with three since my nickname is Fia, so I got Fia tagged on the necklace tags. Perfect for personalizing jewelry for yourself or as a gift to someone else!

IMG_0273 IMG_0275

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Hipsa sista

It’s been a few stressful days with a lot to do, Im finishing up my last final project tonight and then Im finally done for the spring semester. It could not feel better, and that is also the reason to why its been empty in here, finals has been sucking up all my time and energy. Although this semester, just like the previous ones, has gone by so fast I can’t wait to be and feel that I’m done.


Its the time for sample sales and season sales, so I took the opportunity to check out a few sample sales myself and got a few pieces for a few bucks. Among them I found this jumpsuit from Trixxi Girl. I’ve been looking a lot for more maxi dresses and jumpsuits for the summer, and I completely fell in love with this one that I think only costed me 8 dollars. More warehouse and sample sales for the people! I also love how clothes here are generally shorter then in Europe, Im really short myself and have a tendency to have a hard time fining clothes with the right length, but here in the U.S the average person is shorter so therefor also the clothes are, wonderful!

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Santa Monica College

Finals, and lots and lots of coffee…

So I’d rather be spending my time taking photos and writing blog posts, but then again I have that 6 page economics paper thats due tomorrow night, and a final test, and quiz as well to study for. I think I need to prioritize as it is the final week of spring classes!!! Omg, I couldn’t be more excited to be done with this semester. Im already down with two of my five classes and have two more done by tomorrow and the last project on Monday.

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